Why Are You No Longer Doing Break/Fix?

Our primary focus has always been on proactive I.T. Services. We offered break/fix services to meet the immediate needs of local customers, but we never intended to continue break/fix services long-term. This last year, with Covid-19 and the economic turmoil resulting from both the virus and the mandatory shut-downs, the need for proactive I.T. Services and support has increased dramatically. To meet that need we are now discontinuing break/fix services to focus on I.T. Services, often referred to as Managed Services.

What Are Managed Services?

Enterprise Corporations long ago invested in I.T. systems that allow them to actively monitor their computer hardware, software, and network connectivity for potential problems. Early detection allowed them to take a proactive approach and prevent downtime and prevent greater issues from developing. As those systems grew and matured it became feasible for outside companies to provide those monitoring and management services to more and smaller businesses. Today, everyone is dependant on technology in ways not previously seen. Our technology simply must work reliably. These Managed Services are now available to small businesses and even residential clients at affordable rates. In fact, many of our clients are seniors who may not be as comfortable with today’s technology.

Core services included:

  • Hardware Monitoring
  • System Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Patching
  • Best in Industry Enterprise AntiVirus/AntiMalware (monitored and managed)
  • Web Content Filtering (customizable)

Along with the core services we offer optional services such as:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Network Monitoring & Management
  • Data Backup Options
  • Printer Management

And more.

What’s Wrong With Break/Fix?

Break/fix is entirely reactionary. In order for something good to happen for us (we get to fix your problem and earn your money), something bad must happen to you first (something must break). Costs are higher and downtime is greater. The technician is often limited to treating the symptom rather than the root cause. This means the issue may well return and have to be “repaired” again. This ad-hoc approach often places the customer in a high-stress situation as problems rarely arise when it’s convenient. The technician is under pressure to “just get it working” again. The root cause may or may not be resolved, and often isn’t.

Why Managed Services?

Managed Services are proactive by design. System security, updates/patches, maintenance tasks, and monitoring for issues are core parts of Managed Services. These core parts recur daily thereby identifying potential issues early. Remediation is often accomplished before the client knows there’s a problem. Costs are predictable for those services through a fixed monthly subscription. Services such as repairs and some labor that fall outside of the subscription are at reduced rates for Managed Clients.

Who We Serve.

  • Residential/including seniors
  • Home Office
  • Small Office